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08.18.15 | NeverRust™ Shower Rings are a decorative solution to help solve the problem of rust in the shower! Our Zenna Home brand's line of NeverRust™ Shower Rings are guaranteed for life against rust. Learn more about these decorative shower rings here or buy them now at Amazon.com.

never rust shower rings


08.06.15 | Seashells, sand and warm breezes! Check out our India Ink brand's new Seaside Serenity bathroom accessory collection, now available at Amazon.com. Buy one piece or the whole collection!

07.22.15 | New NeverRust™ Video Shows How Zenna Home's Growing Line of Rustproof Shower Rods and Caddies Solve the Problem of Rust in the Bathroom:


07.14.15 | New NeverRust™ Tension Pole Caddy brings a rustproof solution to shower and bath storage! Our Zenna Home brand's new NeverRust™ Aluminum Tension Pole Caddy provides a rustproof storage solution inside your bathtub or shower. Part of the growing Zenna Home NeverRust™ line, this new caddy mounts on the floor or tub ledge, and provides four generously sized shelves for storing all your bath and shower items. Because it's made of strong, yet lightweight aluminum, which never rusts, the caddy solves the problem of bathroom accessories rusting, which is the number one consumer complaint about bath items.


06.04.15 | NeverRust™ line gets national exposure! Our growing NeverRust™ line of shower rods, caddies and related bath items is guaranteed to never rust! And the line is getting lots of national attention with an expanding presence online as well as at retailers such as Target, Home Depot and more. Read about it here.


06.03.15 | Perfect for summer! Check out our India Ink brand's new summer- and beach-themed bath accessory collections, now available at Amazon.com:




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05.12.15 | Our Zenna Home Facebook page has reached 2,500 likes! If you haven't checked out our new social presence, please visit us soon: Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for bath and home organization insights, news and occasional special offers. 


04.24.15 | For a limited time, get a great deal on our innovative 2600 series "Make-a-Space" Shower Caddy: These innovative shower caddies solve your problem when you need your bath and shower storage to be out of the way of the showerhead or shower door.


12.12.14 | Zenna Home NeverRust™ Line Now Includes More Shower Rods and Shower Caddies: Check out our growing assortment of Zenna Home NeverRust™ products, including  shower rods and showercaddies. NeverRust™ products are guaranteed for life to never rust!


05.01.14 | ZPC's "Wall of Innovation"You want patents? Boy do we have patents! Zenith Products Corp. has over 1,000 patents to our name, helping establish ourselves as the industry's leading innovator in products for your bath and home. Some of our patents are shown here framed and hanging on the wall at our corporate headquarters in New Castle, Del.


4.11.14 | ZPC Site Is Safe from the Heartbleed" Security Breach: If you've been following tech news lately, a new flaw (known as the "Heartbleed" bug) has been found in security that encrypts website communications for potentially thousands of websites large and small. ZPC's site has been tested and passed as "not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack" by the independent SSL Labs. We consider the confidentiality and security of our customers' information to be of utmost importance. Rest assured that you can safely browse and shop on our website.

4.8.14 |
HGTV Canada Features ZPC's New Double Curved Shower Rods!
Under a posting titled "16 Bathroom Gadgets That Will Change Your Life," Canada's HGTV has showcased our innovative double curved shower rods!

3.27.14 | 
Aluminum Is the New Steel! Lightweight, Strong and Rustproof Aluminum Shower Rods Now Available: Our Zenna Home line introduces the NeverRust series of shower rods! The NeverRust shower rod line features a limited lifetime warranty and assorted finishes to match any bath decor. Aluminum construction makes these lightweight, yet strong and rustproof. Zenna Home's aluminum shower rods are available on our site and at select retailers, including Amazon.com.

NeverRust Shower Rods



02.19.14 | Leg Extensions Available So You Can Use Zenith Spacesavers Over New Taller Toilets: Our popular wood over-the-toilet spacesavers add valuable storage space in even the smallest of bathrooms. But some newer toilets are higher off the floor than standard toilets, and don't allow our spacesavers to fit properly over them. With our leg extension sets, you get a pair of color-matched leg extensions that attach to the bottom of your spacesaver in seconds (with no tools required) to add height to your spacesaver to allow it to fit over almost any toilet. Cost is $8.00 per pair, and shipping (anywhere in the U.S.) is included.

01.14.14 |
New Innovative Make-a-Space Shower Caddy Adds Storage to Almost Any Shower Area:
Shower caddies offer an easy way to add useful storage space in the bath. But some modern shower heads make it difficult to install standard over-the-shower head caddy organizers. The innovative Make-a-Space Caddy solves this problem with its unique (and tool-free) design that allows you to easily mount the caddy off to the side, between your shower head and a wall!