8 Clever Uses for Your Shower Caddy

The way I think about it, shower caddies are a lot like duct tape. They are made to solve one problem – in this case, shower item storage – but just like duct tape, they end up having many other practical household uses. Designed to mount over your shower head (or shower door) to help organize that cluttered area, these caddies practically scream out to be cleverly used to accomplish the same tasks throughout the house.

Here are eight ways to take a caddy out of the shower and put it to other household uses:

  • Keep it in the bathroom: Why not bring organization to your under-the-sink vanity? A shower caddy is perfect for this. Since most caddies are designed to hang over your showerhead, they have built-in “hangers” so you can screw them into the vanity’s side walls. Voila! You have instant out-of-sight storage for hair dryers, bath items and more.
  • Behind the bathroom (or closet) door: That over-the-shower caddy probably fits nicely over most door knobs in your house, making the caddy a great storage unit for inside closet doors for everything from bath items and hand towels to clothing accessories.
  • In the kitchen: Look at your shower caddy. Then look at your disorganized pantry. Your caddy can make a fantastic spice rack. Hang the caddy inside a pantry or cabinet door for spices, herbs or recipes.
  • Help for your utility closet: Hang a shower caddy where you keep brooms and mops. A larger caddy has perfectly sized shelves for cleaning supplies, wipes and accessories.
  • Jewelry organizer: Some shower caddies have enough cleverly designed hooks and holders to make them ideal jewelry organizers for the bedroom. No more tangled jewelry!
  • Bring organization to the laundry room: If your laundry room looks like a bomb exploded there, use an oversized caddy for detergent, dryer sheets and more.
  • Pet stuff: If you’re a dog owner like me, you end up with a bewildering assortment of leashes, grooming supplies and treats. With assorted hooks and storage baskets, a showerhead caddy is great for storing all this pet-related paraphernalia. (If you have a smaller dog, you might even keep a few days worth of food in a handy container in your caddy.)
  • Creative craft storage: If you have a hobby that involves lots of small items (say scrapbooking, woodworking or calligraphy), use your shower caddy for work area storage. This also might be a good use for a tension pole shower caddy, which has larger shelving than a showerhead caddy. (Unlike showerhead caddies, these install on your shower floor or ledge. We’ll talk more about tension pole caddies in another post.)

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of out-of-shower uses for your caddy. If you’ve put a caddy to good use in a way I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to share with us! In a future post, we’ll discuss great ways to use your shower caddy outside of your house, too!