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January is all about new commitments, resolutions and goals. It's about breaking bad habits and getting a fresh start. It's also, quite honestly, a tough time to get motivated to do any of those things. The weather is cold (at least where we are), the days are short and many of us are still paying off holiday season bills. Time, energy and money all seem lacking.

We can't offer much help here for getting you motivated to eat better, exercise more or start that new hobby you've always dreamed of trying. But we can offer inspiration to get you thinking about some great ideas to spruce up your bathroom in 2016:

  • Use the Internet: A bath project -- whether a quick redo or a complete renovation -- is all about having a vision. The Internet lets you access a world of visions from the comfort of your home. Nothing is better in our opinion for visual inspiration than Pinterest. If you're not a fan yet, do yourself a favor and spend some time on Pinterest. Other people have already done the work in creating possibly the world's greatest resource for inspiration for any home project. Our Zenna Home Pinterest boards are a great place to start.
  • Get Out to a Home Show: Winter is prime home show season. Almost every big city -- and many smaller ones -- has an annual show. You'll find dozens (or hundreds for the bigger shows) of vendors under one roof, selling dreams ... everything from home renovation services to the actual products to help complete the project of your dreams. Bathrooms are a big part of many shows, since bath upgrades are so popular (and often lucrative for vendors!). Look online for a show coming to a city near you.
  • Subscribe to an Old-fashioned Print Magazine: The Internet has killed off some of the appeal of glossy magazines, but for armchair inspiration, we're still big fans of them. Some of our favorites are House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and (for the DIY fan) Family Handyman. (You can view a lot of content on their respective online sites, but take our advice and get to a newsstand to check out the print editions, too!) Don't limit yourself to just these choices. There are specialty magazines for just about every room in the house, and every style and budget.

The above "baby steps" alone will not get you far along toward your dream bathroom, but you have to begin somewhere. After all, every great project should start with a clear vision. Good luck achieving all your goals -- bath project-related or not -- for 2016!