Whatever you do, don't scratch those walls! If you're an apartment or house renter (or ever have been), you very well know that almost irrational fear of causing even the slightest damage to your walls. You worry about anything that your landlord can hold against you when it comes time to get back your security deposit.

So what can you do to customize your bathroom space? After all, even though this isn't your permanent home, it is your home NOW. But if you can't drill holes in the walls, how can you install storage and shower items to personalize your bathroom?

Fortunately, there are innovative -- and non-permanent -- ways to mount shower rods, caddies and other bath storage accessories while causing no damage to your walls.

For shower rods, there are plenty of new choices. If you are shaking your head remembering older "tension" rods that held in place only until the first time someone lightly touched the shower curtain (at which time the rod often would come crashing down on you), I am happy to report that technology has improved. New tension-mount shower rods easily adjust to mount inside your shower in minutes with no tools and no drilling needed.

These rods hold firmly in place, and they come in adjustable lengths to fit almost any size shower, as well as in every rod style imaginable, including straight, double straight, curved or double curved. Just look for words like "tension mount" or "no tools needed" on packaging to find the right rod.

How about for in-the-shower storage? Drilling into tile or other bath walls is a big no-no for renters. But you'll find shower caddies in almost any size and finish that can mount over a shower door, around your shower head, or on a pole from the floor or tub ledge to the ceiling. There is even a line of caddies with their own mounting bar to install wherever you want between your showerhead and a wall. All are tool- and drill-free.

The point I'm making here is this: Even for a rental space, you can find plenty of great accessories to customize your bathroom. The day you move out, you can remove all these bath items and take them with you to your new home. And best of all, there won't be even the tiniest scratch left behind on those walls.