It's a four-letter word that that simply doesn't belong in your bath or shower. That's right: Rust.

Rust leaves ugly stains, corroded bath fixtures and messy clean ups. I know from first-hand experience, as I bet you do, too. It's easy to see why rust has earned the number one spot in surveys of homeowner complaints about bath and shower items. Even stainless steel items will eventually rust in wet and humid conditions. Mix metal products with a wet bath environment, and it seems sooner or later rust is sure to form.

Until now. Zenna Home has a growing line of aluminum NeverRust™ shower rods and caddies that solve the problem of rust -- for good. I used to think aluminum only meant things like foil and soft drink cans (useless trivia: most "tin" cans are really made of aluminum!). But it turns out that advances in technology have made aluminum an innovative choice for bathroom accessories.

Because it is strong, lightweight and -- perhaps most importantly -- rustproof, aluminum is perfect for shower rods and caddies. The NeverRust™ line actually has a lifetime guarantee against rust. The line is growing and currently consists of these items.

Need more convincing about NeverRust™? Check out the video Zenna Home created: