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Zenna Home 9529CHP, Spacesaver with Cabinet, 3 Shelf, Espresso

23.25" x 66.5", Espresso
  • SKU: 9529CHP
  • Brand: Zenith
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Model 9529 CHP(Espresso) Nice looking and easy to put together Review by Virginia
Overall Rating
I bought this Hawthorne Place cabinet at a Walmart in San Antonio two weeks ago and my husband and I assembled it this past Sunday. I purchased this product because of the organization, color that coordinated with my kids' bathroom, and because it was Made in the U.S.A (Delaware, to be exact...Thanks,Robin at Customer Service!!!) which was a bonus! The cost of approximately $50.00 is not unusual for this type of product BECAUSE it was Made In The U.S.A. and because business costs are not what they were in previous years as a result of interesting business cycles. I would imagine this shelf would only be used for light use (i.e. towels, washcloths, toilet paper) and not heavy duty. My concern is that my 3 "monkey" children might damage something or cause it to fall, even though the product has been mounted to the wall(as it is directed in step 17 of the assembly instructions) and my children have been warned of dangers that can happen if they play around a shifting piece of furniture. I also requested a second set of wall mounting pieces (parts O-1 Nylon strap, P-2 washers, and Q-1 Anti-Topple screw) from Robin in the customer service department so that my husband could double the strength and reenforcement of the wall mounting. Thanks again, Robin! A definite piece of mind with having 3 active and often rowdy kids who are 5, near 7, and 9 years old.
Upon opening the box, all the pieces and parts of the unit were present and accounted for with extra nails and screw caps. FYI to Prospective Consumers: the 2 Snap Cams necessary to secure the top hutch to the bottom supports are plastic, not metal, and are provided with the screw don't think that those two pieces are missing. Robin, the customer service representative, so kindly explained the reason why the snap cams are no longer metal.
My husband and I put the product together using the hand tools recommended in the instructions. We did not have any problems with wood splitting, as a previous customer did, while putting the unit together.
In step 1, customer is given option of fastening a "top support rail" to the front or the back of bottom side support rails that go above the toilet tank. When putting together the shelf you will definitely need to consider how the height of toilet and tank lid fit, as previous customer found out with the height of toilet, as well as the height of person sitting on toilet. Once the shelf as assembled in place, my 6 ft husband sat on a standard height toilet lid and the cabinet knobs were touching the back of his head/ shoulders. So you might want to make sure the "top support rail" is attached to the back of bottom side support panels, instead of the front.
The assembly did take time so we could be sure the parts were properly placed and assembled, but the instructions were very clear and straight forward. The panels and selves were not labeled with numbers as shown in the assembly instructions, WHICH might be more helpful for the future. But we were able to put the product together based on comparing the pictures of the parts in the assembly instructions with the provided pre-drilled holes in the shelves and panels. It might not be so clear that way for future purchasers of this self unit.
We got through this DIY product assembly without my husband "cussing up a storm". It says a lot for this product!...and it helps that the kids were there watching, too.;) (Posted on 9/8/2014)
Stylish accessory for your bathroom, but the quality is poor. Review by Flo
Overall Rating
I bought this to replace the old, worn plastic shelf I previously had. I really loved the style of this shelf and knew it would look great in our small bathroom! I was also excited knowing we would have a little more storage space to take advantage of. Upon assembling this product, I realized that the quality of the wood was very poor. The wood split in a few places while inserting screws. Quit a few of the screws would not tighten all of the way due to poor quality. I really love this product and it can still be used if you used some glue while inserting screws. I suggest using a stronger wood that won't split as easily. I know it would cause the price to soar, but the quality is what counts the most. If people can't rely on your product, they aren't going to keep buying it. (Posted on 1/6/2014)
I do like the unit a little expensive for what you get Review by tiff
Overall Rating
Like this unit but we also don't have a standard toilet we have the taller one and this unit is to short .. you really need to fix this problem we are working on making this taller to use .. (Posted on 10/11/2013)
I am pleased with the unit. Review by GLO
Overall Rating
The box should give the dementions from the floor to the bottom of the upper portion. It should fit a standard toilet, but our toilet was taller than standard & it did not fit. However, my husband added 6"boards to the existing bottom portion & I painted them to match & now it is perfect. You also need to be able to lift the toilet tank lid easily, but can't if the unit is too short. (Posted on 7/30/2013)

4 Item(s)

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