Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service, Parts and Ordering Questionss

How do I contact Zenith Product Corp.’s Customer Service Department?
Call (800) 892-3986 from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM (EST), or e-mail any time to We will respond within 24 business hours.

How can I order Zenith product replacement parts?
Replacement Zenith parts are available for many products. See our Replacement Parts page.

Can I order directly from Zenith?
Yes! Many of our items are available for purchase directly from our website. If an item displays an "Add to Cart" option, then it can be purchased here online. Or click on the "Where to Buy" button for an item, and see some of the online retailers who carry it. Also, every product we manufacture is not displayed online, so If you don't find the item you're looking for today on our website, please contact our Customer Service Department (FAQ above) for information on product availability and a local retailer, distributor, or online merchant.

What is the warranty for NeverRust™ and other Zenna Home and Zenith products?
Find warranty information here.

How do I sign up for your e-mail list to receive a discount coupon?
SIGN UP HERE TO RECEIVE OCCASIONAL E-MAILS about new products or special promotions, and receive an instant coupon code good for a discount off your next purchase. (Offer excludes only replacement parts and already discounted items in our "closeout/outlet" store area.)


Technical and Product-Specific Questions

Can you manufacture custom sized cabinets?
While we do not make custom sizes, we do have a wide variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Please let us know what your specs are and we can advise you on what is available for that size. Contact our Customer Service Department.

What type of mounting hardware will I need to mount my cabinet?
The weight of the cabinet and the type of wall surface (tile, drywall, aluminum studs, plaster, etc.) will require a variety of different hardware. Please consult with a contractor or other professional for advice on your specific needs.

How much weight can my shower rod hold?
Rod strength will vary with the type of rod, wall material and installation method. Our Twist Tight tension rods and screw mounted rods all have been tested to hold in excess of 25 pounds.
How high should my shower rod be mounted?
The standard shower liner is 72 inches, so we recommend that the rod be installed 64 inches from the top of your bathtub.

What size drill bit should I use?
The type of wall anchor, screws used and wall surface will greatly affect what size drill bit you will need. Please consult a contractor or another professional for the correct size.
What do I do if my tension pole shower caddy is bowing?
If your caddy is bowing the tension, it is too tight. Please see the chart at the end of your instruction sheet on ceiling height. You may need to cut the bottom tube to fit. While we try to accommodate all standard bath areas, sometimes a building’s age, remodeling and other factors affect the fit of the caddy. It may also be that the spring was over-compressed during installation and needs to be replaced. If so, contact our Customer Service Department and have your model number handy.

What if my tension pole shower caddy is too short?
An extension tube can be purchased to make your caddy taller. Please call our Customer Service Department for assistance.
The suction cups on my shower caddy are not adhering, what can I do?
The suction cups will not adhere over grout lines or on textured surfaces. If your surface is smooth, please try wiping the suction cups and wall surface with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any residue from handling or cleansers and give the suction cups a firmer grip. If this still does not meet your satisfaction, please contact our Customer Service Department.
What do I use to clean your products?
Our shower caddies can be cleaned with a nonabrasive shower cleanser.
Our wood products can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a slightly dampened cloth for stubborn marks. Do not saturate or scrub surface.
Mirrors can be cleaned with a mild glass cleaner.

How do I adjust my doors with a European hinge?
Click here for instructions.

How do I install a pin hinge?
Click here for instructions.