About Zenith Products Corp. (ZPC)

Brief history

  • 1940s  Zenith Products Corp. (ZPC) was founded just after World War II by the Roggio Brothers in the Philadelphia, Pa., area with a small metal fabricating business making window boxes and small cabinets. While the brothers were competitive in spirit between each other, they had little idea together they would go on to pioneer the bath storage and organization industry!
  • 1950s  Zenith added capabilities with various metal presses for medicine cabinets, leading with the #2 and the #701L cabinet, famous for the sliding doors and the lit top, a unit still found in many homes today.
  • 1960s  The first over the toilet bath spacesaver was made! It had tension poles to hold it to the ceiling. Check out pole lamps of the '60s for this iconic style!!
  • 1970s  After the sudden death of Victor Roggio, Jim Aruffo led the company through the '70s in the Primos, Pa., headquarters. Plastic injection molding was added to our manufacturing capabilities with new style medicine cabinets. Then came wood body medicine cabinets, putting Zenith in the forefront with the most cabinet styles and choices. The '70s also marked the introduction of the first tension shower rod for the bath, spawning the entire industry of today's beautiful choices (see the Shower Rod tab above!). Wicker hampers were also a popular product in those days.
  • 1980s  A tragic fire destroyed the entire factory in 1977, but Zenith was able to rebuild without missing a beat in Aston, Pa., thanks to an amazing team. Zenith went global in distribution and also in began to source some natural wicker items in Singapore and China.  Wood and metal spacesavers were introduced, initiating a whole new trend in bath furniture. 
  • 1990s  As a division of Masco Corporation, Zenith relocated to our current corporate headquarters in New Castle, Del., overlooking the Delaware River, where today we are a major employer with over 700,000 square feet of U.S. manufacturing and warehousing space that includes state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for wood, metal and plastic products. Under President Joe Mahon, Zenith purchased the commercial leader American Pride, and the designer fashion trend setter India Ink, both brands that have become key to the ZPC portfolio. Check out the Brands above!
  • 2000s  ZPC  launched our beautiful New York showroom at 295 5th Ave. and many new innovative products. You will see them throughout the site, of course!
  • Today  Inspired and led by our CEO, Terry Douglas, and backed by our partners Charlesbank, Zenith is dedicated to the ongoing launching of new and innovative products via our empowered team -- always bringing you the best and most beneficial products for your home. 



We want to keep bringing you the solutions you need. We know ideas come from many places.  We have many in process and on the way for you.  We have designers designing.  We have researchers researching.  We like to think we know ... but maybe we don’t! Maybe we didn’t think of that thing you need! So please tell us. Use that Contact Us button or Facebook ... or whatever communication method is comfortable for you. Thanks!



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